Do I have a micro-wedding now and the big wedding later?

Sometimes plans look nothing like you thought they would...but they turn out even better. You don't have to feel stuck. And a couple of ours, Michan + Adam, did just the opposite! We'd love to share their story of how they decided to move forward with a micro-wedding now and the big wedding later.

Michan + Adam are a beloved 2020 couple of ours that had their original wedding date of 6/20/20 hit with some well... curveballs. Due to the state of the world, COVID pandemic and all, they were forced with the decision to either cancel, postpone, OR elope/host a micro-wedding on their original date. Then just postpone the larger wedding celebration with all the bells and whistles to 2021.

They chose the last option. AND WE ARE SO GLAD!

Michan herself said it perfectly:

"In its own way, it was such a unique and intimate experience we wouldn't have otherwise been able to enjoy. Our alternative arrangements became a special part of our story and new journey together! We were able to soak up the love of the day instead of getting stuck in the details and its perfection, and for that we wouldn't change it for a thing. Who wouldn't want to celebrate twice?"

We did a little Q&A with Michan and Adam to really do a deep dive into how they came to the decision to have a micro-wedding now and the big wedding later. We think this could greatly help others make the same decision should it feel right to them! Here we go...

B&C: What ultimately made you decide to move forward with a micro-wedding on your original wedding date while rescheduling the larger wedding celebration to 2021 when it's safe to celebrate with your full guest list? 

M+A: "For almost a year, we planned for our chosen wedding date of 6/20/20.  All of the details were set: from wedding bands, our vows, dress/suit, florals, songs, color scheme, etc.  We decided to reschedule our large celebration for the safety of everyone.  We still wanted to hold the micro wedding on our original date to celebrate such an amazing milestone in our lives!  Whenever we debated if we should exchange our real vows or wear our real wedding attire during our micro wedding, we remembered this was our real wedding. So why would we not do what we really planned for!  We were still able to have touches of our original plans.  Many of our close friends and family joined us on Zoom to celebrate, which was something they said they would never forget."

B&C: For other couples considering doing their wedding celebration(s) this way, what's the best piece of advice you can give them, from one 2020 couple to another? 

M+A: "Consider creating your dream wedding on a smaller scale.  Remember that it is about the two of you, so make it what you want it to be!  It's really hard to let go of your original vision, but remember you can have multiple dream visions.  Your wedding will be beautiful regardless of whether it is the large celebration you always dreamed of or something smaller and more memorable.  Also, it is okay to feel sad about losing what you had been long planning for, but it is possible to reimagine your story."

B&C: What's your favorite memory from the day?

M+A: "Marrying each other, of course! But actually, our favorite memories are from having a few family in person and connecting with people over Zoom.  We felt the love from all over the world and across the many time zones that were there to help us celebrate.  We even had a friend join from the hospital who had just given birth, so you can imagine how much love we all felt. Support that poured in for us from those we love the most brought us all even closer. Oh! And we learned a first dance off of a youtube video, so we call that pretty successful--neither of us messed up!

B&C: What is the thing you're looking forward to the most with your 2021 celebration?

M+A: "We are looking forward to just dancing and celebrating in 2021 the most.  And, of course, being able to see everyone in person!  We missed being able to hug everyone and have photos with them. There are so many things to celebrate and to be grateful for.  It's just going to be that much more fun to have another reason to celebrate our marriage and see our friends. 

The stress you put on yourself for perfection and mini details do not matter as much anymore. What matters is celebrating our lives with the people we love most.  The perspective change was surprising. 

Before rescheduling, we had been debating mauve or blush ribbon.  Those details quickly became insignificant in comparison to holding a ceremony with those who mattered the most."

I mean... COME ON. They are a dream. With such an incredible perspective that landed them in a space to fully embrace reality. To fully embrace the idea that you can "reimagine" what your dream looks like and have it be even better!

Plus, their photographer Irina Ventresca Photography, is brilliantly talented. The photos she captured of this special micro-wedding were too good not to share a few more! And the icing on the cake? THOSE FLOWERS! J Blooms you nailed it. We cannot wait to work with them both again next year and we hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do.