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How Wedding Planners Can BEST Help: Hair + Makeup Artists

If you didn’t get a chance to dig into what this blog series is all about, I urge you to jump back to Part 1 of this blog series, How Wedding Planners Can BEST Help Other Vendors: Photographers + DJs to get a bit of the background!

Remember: we want this blog series to open the door to communicating how we, the wedding planners and couples, can set everyone up for success in advance.

Without further ado, it’s time for the final installment of this series, hair + makeup artists! For that we leaned on two of the best in the industry: All Dolled Up (ADU) and Makeup by Susie. Let's bring this bad boy HOME!

Makeup By Susie photos courtesy of: @liz.zimbelmanphoto



1. Before the wedding day:

Susie: "Helpful, timeline info 30 days prior for us to help provide our timeline! Time of photographer arrival, time the couple and the wedding party need to be ready (and if different times, that is super helpful too). Knowing sometimes the client is a little overwhelmed as the date gets closer, I try to get the beauty timeline to them around 30 days out.

ADU: “Familiarizing yourself with our process and the milestones that we take each of our clients through leading up to and during the big day prep process. It helps if the planner, partners with us to encourage open, honest, and timely communication directly from the client (and so your two cents can be added too). It allows us in being able to do our jobs to the utmost of our abilities! We’ve worked on the very specific process that we take each of our clients through from first inquiry to final touches extensively over our 10 years in bridal beauty. Each step is so important because its a piece of the puzzle that the next step is built off of to create our ultimate final goal: to make your client look and feel like their most beautiful selves on their big day!

We all want the SAME goal. Happy, relaxed, trusting, + beautiful clients inside and out!

Photos above courtesy of @lumiphotographylife and @paigevaugnphoto

2. Day Of The Wedding:

ADU: Partnering with us on providing accurate timeline information when its requested and factoring their clients’ unique personalities, traits and standards into this. Along with what our services will realistically need time wise so that we can set the plans for the day of up for success!

Susie: "Letting us know what makes your job run smoother also! I always try and provide my own timeline and work with hair team to schedule out their timeline properly so no one runs late, if anything else is wanted or needed from us, please let us know. It is my mission in this industry to equally provide for my team mates (that’s planners, couples, all vendors ) as it is for my clients!

  • NOTE TO COUPLES: see how important it is to hire vendors who understand the "team" element. Don't overlook someone who talks about the community elements of your vendor team! They'll be game changers in a pinch on your big day.

The time has come to wrap this series up!! We hope you found each article valuable whether you're a wedding planner, a couple, or any other member of the wedding industry. The biggest takeaway?? WE. ARE. ALL. ON. THE. SAME. TEAM. Let's continue to act like it!!

If you're not already following along on Instagram with these 2 incredibly talented and wonderful human beings, please change that and head to their pages now:

WEDDING PLANNER PROTIP: The biggest difference in being able to surround yourself with a solid vendor team, are having solid clients. Clients that understand the importance of booking true professionals and not just looking for the cheapest option available. Not sure how to do that? I GOT YOU. Check out my FREE resource, Booked Out Blueprint, to figure out how book out your calendar with couples you love without paying for a listing on the Knot or Wedding Wire.

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