The 3 Lies You're Telling Yourself

There are 3 main lies I am constantly hearing aspiring or established wedding planners tell themselves. They tell themselves these lies in order to bring a "valid reason" as to why they are not going to launch their own business, restructure, or even work on growing their existing business.

I get on discovery calls with wedding planners at almost every stage of their businesses, frequently. Whether it's to talk about joining Wedding Planner Roadmap, coach them 1:1, or do a one-off strategy session for the immediate challenges they are experiencing in real time. And I ALWAYS ask... "what's holding you back?"

It's like clockwork that these 3 show up. In just about every single one of us - I say us because don't forget I'm a business owning wedding planner too. I HAVE BEEN THERE.

What are they? Why are they lies? Welp, here we go...

Lie #1: "I don't always have the motivation"

The lie you're telling yourself here is that you have to be motivated 24/7 to run a successful business. I'm actually going to ask you to never again rely on motivation to make your decisions. You can't. Because you already understand that it's a feeling, and feelings come and go. You need to instead rely on discipline. The CHOICE to show up, work, be consistent, and stick to the plan NO👏🏻MATTER 👏🏻HOW 👏🏻YOU👏🏻FEEL. (I'm not talking about extreme situations that require "mental health days." I'm a huge advocate of pausing & taking care of yourself when needed.)

So, how do you choose discipline? It's actually pretty simple. You evaluate WHY you don't want to do something. Is it because you're feeling "blah" today? OR is it because the "thing" doesn't align with your goals?

If it's because it doesn't align - reevaluate and adjust. Your business needs to work for you. Everything you do needs to feed the end goal.

However, if it's because you feel "blah", figure out something to snap you out of it and choose to stay the path. Choose to ignore that feeling and just keep going. Trust me, once you start doing the "thing", your discipline will kick into overdrive and you'll forget all about feeling "blah".

Lie #2: "I should be able to figure this out myself"

This lie has some confusing truth to it. YES you can absolutely "figure this out on your own." By "this" I mean launching/restructuring, scaling, and running a business. But should you? Is that actually what's smartest? What will produce the best results for your clients? You operating by trial and error?

The idea that we are weak or stupid or not good enough if we admit we need help understanding how to successfully own a business is - excuse my language - bull sh*t. Who came up with that??

Let me share the analogy I share with all my students that helps make this idea sound as ludicrous as it actually is. Let's say you decide you want to become a pilot. Would you just read the books, download the free courses, and then just hop behind the wheel solo? With 300+ people willing to let you fly them across country? Fully expecting that you don’t crash and burn?

HA. Nope.

So why is it that we think, as a society, that when someone sets out to launch a business they should be able to launch, structure, scale, and run one successfully with out a single mentor or investment into a training course or business coach to help them navigate the "friendly skies" before them?

If you want to become a pilot, it's simple. You train. Hands on, with a superior who has done this before and learned, for years, how to fly a plane. They have it 100% down. And now, they are taking the time to teach you to become a pilot. Or better yet, “coaching” you so you succeed. sticking with you from start to finish before you'd ever even consider flying alone, or as the head pilot (not sure the appropriate term here lol!)

It's the same thing in business ya’ll! At least it should be.

How can your business “fly” without learning from on those who have brought a business off the ground successfully time and time again? It would be really hard to do and you'd sure as hell make a ton of mistakes in the process.

Lie #3: "It costs too much"

I'm just going to debunk this lie with a one, simple question. And after I ask it, just sit in it. Let it sink in and genuinely answer it for yourself:

What would it cost you not to invest in help?

A little deeper...

What would it cost you to keep making the same mistakes, and some bigger ones with bigger implications, all because you thought you were supposed to do this alone? That investing in yourself, in your future, "costs too much"?

Essentially you're convincing yourself that YOU are not worth the price.

And, again, I call bull sh*t.

My friend, if you truly know in your gut (and I know you do) that you are meant for this entrepreneurial life, that you are meant to serve couples who are just waiting for you to step up and lead them... and I say this with all the love in my heart... STOP. MAKING. EXCUSES.

You no longer get to believe the lies.

I believe in you. It's time for you to start believing in and ACTING on that belief in yourself.

I'm here. Email me, DM me, whatever - let's figure out the next steps, together. You are never in this alone, unless you choose to be.

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