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What To Do If It Rains On Your Wedding Day

No one wants a rainy wedding day, right? But when it happens, it is truly out of your hands. Not only can it be inconvenient, it could affect your ceremony, reception, and let’s be real your hair and makeup! The good news is… the more you prepare for it the happier you will be if it actually does rain on your wedding day. Here are our 4 tips to help get you through any wedding day rainstorms!

1. Don’t stress. Make a rainy weather plan. This is one of the huge benefits of hiring a professional planner. We have been through this before – successfully! Let us help you and give you piece of mind so if it rains you can embrace it – use those backup plans and move forward with the best day ever!

2. Invest in cute & functional rain props. Do you see rain next week in the forecast for your wedding weekend? Guess what – you have time to plan! Our favorite functional prop are matching clear bubble umbrellas for your entire wedding party. Not only do these do the job of keeping you dry, they are so darn cute! Pair your clear {or black or white} matching umbrellas with rain boots or white leather flats so the rain puddles won’t slow you down!

{Photographer: LUMI Photography}

{Wedding Gown: Miosa Bride}

{Styling + Coordination: Events By Rebecca}

3. Make sure your venue has a rain backup plan! Hiring a professional wedding coordinator will ensure that all vendors have a rainy weather plan and then some in their back pocket, just in case. If your venue has an indoor and an outdoor space, there will likely be an easy solution to inclement weather. Be sure to ask if the indoor space is included or if you need to rent both spaces! Sometimes, venues will rent out each space separately on the same evening, for two different events. So if you’re wanting to keep the indoor space as a backup, make sure it’s on hold for you.

However, when you’re dealing with a completely outdoor venue {or one where you are set on staying outside} we have a solution for you… which brings us to #4.

4. Have a tent on hold for your wedding day just in case it rains. We are a huge fan of tents. Not only will it solve your rainy day issues that come with an outdoor venue, they look amazing! Our favorite tent option is clear for a rain backup. It’s the best of both worlds in the sense that you can still have as much natural light as possible, feeling like your wedding is outdoors, yet totally sheltered from the rain. Tents can be accented beautifully with hanging greenery, artistic lighting, and even temperature control to keep you warm on a cold day. Our go to in Sacramento, CA is Celebrations Party Rentals. We always recommend putting a deposit down on a tent if you’re getting married during a potential rainy season. Such a small price to pay for peace of mind.

{Tent + Rentals: Celebrations Party Rentals}

Even if it does end up pouring down buckets, it is still a beautiful day because you are committing the rest your life to your favorite person. Not even a rainstorm can ruin that. Try to focus on the real reasons you’re having your wedding instead of rainy weather and then nothing can get in the way of your happiness!

{Feature Photo: LUMI Photography}

{Feature Photo Styling + Coordination: Events By Rebecca}

{Article Written With Love By Events By Rebecca Blogger: Monica Nelson}


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