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3 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Wedding Officiant

Most couples want a wedding truly reflective of their relationship, spending so much time to pick the perfect venue, the right reception music, the flowers, and decor. However, one detail {a very important one I might add} is often overlooked until late in the wedding planning game – finding your perfect wedding officiant!

Your officiant will guide you through the most important part of your day and play a central role in your ceremony. Spending time to choose the right officiant is one of the best ways to cultivate the vibe you want for your wedding, effectively creating a ceremony that is so YOU.

The days of having only one type of traditional officiant are over! Now there are so many options available whether secular, casual, religious, traditional, and everything in between. You can choose whatever you like, even if it’s never been done before.

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{Photographer: Carmen Salazar Photography/ Florals: Party Petals Floral Design / Hair + Makeup: Polish and Pout}

Step 1: Research


A civil officiant’s main objective is to legalize and serve as witness to your consent of marriage. This route is very simple, cut and dry without as many emotional ties or tradition. Doing a quick private ceremony with a civil officiant will ensure that you’re legally married in your state.


This type of professional officiant can blend and fuse any type of wedding ceremony you would like! With endless options like incorporating religious tradition, secular influence, and many other inputs. A celebrant can be an ordained clergy member, a legal official, or even a professional officiant with previous ceremony transcripts to draw inspiration from – effectively customizing your ceremony without using a family member or friend.


Choosing a priest, rabbi, pastor, or other religion affiliated officiant may be the perfect option for you. Maybe it’s someone you’ve known since childhood, or from your house of worship, either way this is a beautiful, more traditional option. If you choose this route be sure to check in about any pre ceremony classes or rules for the ceremony itself. You may be required to meet with them or even do counseling through the church they are affiliated with, make sure you’re prepared! 

Family/Friend Officiant:

Some of the sweetest ceremonies we’ve seen have been officiated by someone close to the couple getting married. If you’d love to be married by a friend or family member it’s actually pretty easy! Just ask if they will get ordained online and work together to create the flow of your ceremony {being sure that they meet the correct ordination requirements for your state}.

These are the four types of officiants we see most at weddings, but you can choose any combination or variation of style for your ceremony!


{Photographer: LUMI Photography/ Florals: Botanica Events / Hair: For the love of Hairspray/ Venue: Beatnik Studios}

Step 2: Test the Chemistry

Sometimes the chemistry just isn’t right. You want to be sure that you and your officiant get along well and that you connect because they will be guiding you through one of the biggest milestones of your life! If they don’t already, be sure that they get to know you. Your perfect officiant should express sincere interest in your love story, and about your relationship so they can officiate a ceremony reflective of you.

Step 3: Rehearse and Communicate

Every couple is unique and deserves a wedding as one-of-a-kind as they are! Regardless of the type of officiant you choose, they should be willing and able to customize and integrate any type of vows, readings, traditions, and anything else that is important to you. Be sure communicate with your officiant directly in person or over the phone/Skype to really be clear about what you want {and don’t want} for your ceremony. If there is something that you know you absolutely want included or avoided, be explicit with your officiant so you’re both on the same page.

After choosing the flow and content of your ceremony it’s time to rehearse! Know what they are going to say – you don’t want any surprises {unless that’s your style!}. This is something you can also lean on your EBR coordinator for, they will help everyone get on the same page during rehearsal.

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{Photographer: Carmen Salazar Photography/ Florals: Party Petals Floral Design / Hair + Makeup: Polish and Pout}

Now that you have thought out your officiant, you are one step closer to the wedding day of your dreams! We hope these tips showed you that there is no right or wrong type of officiant and that you can have your ceremony reflect any style you desire. After all, there are so many fantastic options available to you!

{Design + Coordination: Events By Rebecca}

{Article written with love by Blogger: Monica Nelson}


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