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Hosting Friendsgiving: Tips + Tricks

Thanksgiving is a day full of good food and people we love – so why only celebrate it once? Gather some of your favorite humans and celebrate a delightful {and delicious} day together. Like Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving is centered around thankfulness, appreciation, and of course a delectable feast, but instead you’ll be with friends, the family we choose. Eat, drink, and enjoy each other’s company while starting a new Friendsgiving tradition.

So, how do you host a Friendsgiving? With as little or as much pizazz as you want! It’s all about capturing the spirit of friendship and Thanksgiving through food, and even decor to create a fun festive environment for your friends. While Thanksgiving tends to be full of traditions, Friendsgiving is the time to mix it up with fun components {traditional or not}.

For our Friendsgiving we stuck to a color palette indicative of nature with burnt oranges, burnt reds, greenery, and natural browns. These warm fall colors were the perfect inspiration. We started with a natural brown table runner from La Tavola Linens, and then incorporated eucalyptus leaves, sprigs, pine cones, and even kumquats {created + styled by Thistle and Honey}. Interwoven with the greenery was Whole Wheat Epi Loaves from The Upper Crust Baking Co. {the same bread served at the Tower Bridge Dinner!}. These added such a unique and tasty centerpiece.

Choosing greenery, produce, and bread for our focal point made the table so connected with this time of harvest and Thanksgiving. On the tabletop we also gathered antique mismatched plates and paired them with vintage gold utensils crafting a casual and eclectic style. We finished off the table top with name cards adorned with champagne glitz. We also added goodies like the perfect glittered ‘Friendsgiving’ banner to hang above the table, our invites, and a ‘welcome – come on in’ sign all made by Cultured Card Co.

We decided to use our coffee table for the appetizers {Charcuterie, pigs in a blanket, olives, and more bread – Yum!} Not only did this look beautiful as our friends arrived, it was a great place to mingle and talk before dinner was served.

We also chose to make a drink station complete with wine {white and red}, champagne, beer, and La Croix. Throw on some Mo Town in the background and viola you have the perfect Friendsgiving environment and ambiance.

For our Friendsgiving we chose to take a break from culinary norms by using foods like rotisserie chicken, pigs in a blanket, and charcuterie all while incorporating some classics like stuffing, green bean casserole, pie, and of course bread!

Let’s be honest, crafting all of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes is a lot of work {like cooking a turkey all day}, so we thought it would be fun to mix it up and serve different interpretations of the dishes for our meal. Not only was this less stressful, but we didn’t curb our appetites for those yummy traditional dishes to be served on actual Thanksgiving.

Gather some greenery, pine cones, produce, mismatched tableware, your favorite comfort food, and drinks and you’ll craft a festive environment full of Fall colors, ambiance, and fun for you + your friends to enjoy. We hope seeing our rendition of Friendsgiving provides inspiration for crafting your own dinner celebration. 

{Styling + Coordination: Events By Rebecca}

{Wreath + Florals: Thistle and Honey}

{Banner, Name Cards, + Invitation: Cultured Card Co.}

{Epi Loaves + Apple Pie: The Upper Crust Baking Co.}

{Linens: La Tavola Linen}

{Article written with love by Events By Rebecca Blogger Monica Nelson}


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