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How Wedding Planners Can BEST Help: Venues + Florists

If you didn’t get a chance to dig into what this blog series is all about, I urge you to jump back to How Wedding Planners Can BEST Help: Photographers + DJs to get a bit of the background!

Either way, I’m so glad you're here and eager to learn more about how the team of vendors who are all hired by the same couple can be, well… a TEAM. We want this blog series to open the door to communicating how we, the wedding planners, can set everyone up for success in advance. (Because change starts with the person in the mirror.) While at the same time, give couples insight as to how much really goes into getting every element coordinated for their wedding. AKA why it’s important to hire true professionals.

Photos courtesy of @elizabethwarrick_ at The Maples with Bloom & Vine florals

Alright, who is up next from our group of friendors that helped us write this blog series? Venues! Briana from The Maples gave us some excellent feedback. This is a big one so let’s jump in:

Photo courtesy of @laurenalisse_


1. Before the wedding day:

Briana: “When the wedding planner communicates with the couple on the requirements of the venue in advance. For example: we require all vendors onsite to provide us with day of liability insurance. So although we communicate that to couples when originally booking, if the coordinator could also reiterate it, it helps stick.

Another example: we love when couples choose to decorate the property with details that are more reflective of them! However, we don’t allow taping, nailing, screwing, etc. items, so if our coordinators can reiterate these restrictions during detail meetings, we can all help to create a solution to fulfill their vision!”

  • NOTE TO WEDDING PLANNERS: Become familiar with your venues contracts prior to taking over with your couples! That way you know what is needed without having to rely on your couple to relay the message which can result in key details missed and then a mad scramble on the day of the wedding. (or having to completely change plans on the fly, which is super stressful for everyone)

  • NOTE TO COUPLES: Please be sure to share ALL contracts with your planner!! If there is something that has been communicated with you specifically by your venue as a must or must not, please try to point that out to your planner specifically so it’s not a surprise.

PROTIP: *Affiliate Link* A great way to make it easy to share contracts is via Aisle Planner, our number one recommendation to planners for a client management system. Click this link and use code "Becca25" for 25% off of your first 3 months!! They only gave us this code because we have used them for years

ANOTHER PROTIP: *Affiliate Link* Head here to The Legal Paige for all the contracts we use in our business. Highly recommend ensuring your contracts are legally drafted by a lawyer. Paige's templates are just that!

2. Day Of The Wedding:

Briana: “Keep us in the loop and communicate hiccups with us on the day of! Because our team is always checking in with vendors and the property throughout the day, we typically know when something is going on. But sometimes background details can affect the entire vendor team, so it’s helpful when we are all in the know!”

Next up, we chatted with Bekah, the insanely talented owner of Bloom & Vine florals on what planners and couples can do to make sure we set her up for nothing but success.

(Photo on right courtesy of @ryangreenleaf)


1. Before the wedding day:

Bekah: “Help me set client expectations. When planners advocate for the florist, explaining all that goes into each design process, it helps clients accept quotes and recognize the incredible amount of work that goes into florals. Planner support in this area really matters!”

  • NOTE TO WEDDING PLANNERS & COUPLES: If you are not already aware, the effects of 2020/2021 did big time damage to the floral industry specifically. There are legitimate shortages and obstacles that really cannot be “cut” or “lowered in cost”. Go into seeking out quotes from florists expecting them to have a minimum and seeing $5-6k totals as the norm.

2. Leading up to the wedding day:

Bekah: “Keep me updated about other design choices as they are made. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve shown up to an event to be surprised by color or decor choices that I could have easily incorporated into the florals for a more complete and cohesive look. I want to hit all those colors! This goes for style, too!”

Photo courtesy of @katrinanicolephotography

If you're not already following along on Instagram with these 3 incredibly talented and wonderful human beings, please change that and head to their pages now:

WEDDING PLANNER PROTIP: The biggest difference in being able to surround yourself with a solid vendor team, are having solid clients. Clients that understand the importance of booking true professionals and not just looking for the cheapest option available. Not sure how to do that? I GOT YOU. Check out my FREE resource, Booked Out Blueprint, to figure out how book out your calendar with couples you love without paying for a listing on the Knot or Wedding Wire.


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