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Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift

Now that it’s official with your fiance – it’s time to make it official with your bridesmaids! Your Bridesmaids-to-be have been by your side through thick and thin from your first date with your now-fiance to calling them right after you got engaged. Now you can finally pop the question to them; so you can have them by your side on the biggest day of your life.

Your bridesmaids will help so much on your way down the aisle whether it be wiping away happy tears, helping you find the perfect dress, doing your bustle {which is harder than it sounds}, and even holding your dress while you pee! Being a Bridesmaid is a huge important job and that’s why we believe that they deserve a special way to be asked. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect bridesmaid gift we’ve got you covered! We’ve gathered some of our favorite gift ideas to help you turn your BFFs into Bridesmaids!

There are so many fun options when it comes to gifting your bridesmaids-to-be! Some of our favorites include: personalized stemless wine glasses, silk robes, scented candles, sweets {of course!}, and bath bombs. We love including a creative way to ask your big question. One idea is with a balloon to pop or even a confetti popper hiding your question inside. 

One of our favorite places to shop for individual bridal party goodies is Vow and Vibe. They have a huge variety of Bridesmaid gifts and bridal party swag {like the beautiful stemless wine glasses shown in these photos!}

What’s better than giving these individual goodies? Putting them all together in a styled box! If you need some gifting inspiration Box and Bow does it best. They put thought and creativity into every gift. They use beautiful packaging, hand selecting each item from small businesses, and perfecting every detail of the box “because they want each recipient to feel as special as they truly are”.

We’ve seen these boxes first hand and let me tell you – they are such a  beautiful way to be asked! Their Blush Collection is perfect for asking your day ones to be your bridesmaids. They even have a BYOB {build your own box} option. BYOB lets you personalize your box a little more by choosing every single item, all finishing details, and even the box itself!

Whether you choose to create your bridesmaid gifts or buy them – it is a chance to thank them for the vital role they will play in your wedding journey. They’re your best friends, your family and so special to you. We hope these gift ideas show you some of the special ways to pop the question and turn your people into your bridesmaids!

{Bridesmaid Boxes + Photos Courtesy of: Box and Bow}

{Stemless Wine Glasses: Vow and Vibe}

{Article Written With Love By Events By Rebecca Blogger Monica Nelson}


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