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Introducing: Molly + Nick

Given it’s the week of their wedding, we can’t help but share our love for these two with you all! The story of how Molly + Nick met, and how their love has grown oozes with fun and romance. Their engagement photos were taken at UC Davis, which was the perfect setting because that’s where they met during undergrad 10 years ago! These two Aggies will be getting married this Spring at the The Maples, a beautiful country estate venue in Woodland, CA.

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After working with Molly + Nick and hearing more about their love story we had to share it with you!

EBR: So first and foremost, start us from the beginning. How did you two meet?

Molly + Nick:  “We met on a “large floating party” on Lake Shasta. (UC Davis Aggies will know what we’re talking about!) Molly boarded Nick’s boat with some mutual friends and we made eye contact across the room. We connected on the deck of the boat, and Molly tried to convince Nick that she was the “small town girl” in Journey’s famous song Don’t Stop Believin’ which was playing in the distance. It was a cheesy, but effective pickup line! We’ve been talking ever since.”

Growing up in Davis, I’ve heard many tales about“House-Boats”, and can totally visualize this! The story of how Molly + Nick met demonstrates their fun and outgoing personalities.

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EBR: And of course we have to hear the engagement story!

Molly: “I’m a night owl and Nick is always up and out of bed first. On the morning he proposed, I woke up and he was already downstairs – I assumed drinking his coffee and reading the paper. I was being lazy, texting with my girlfriends when I heard a really loud song – one of “our” songs – downstairs. I laughed and got up, thinking maybe he was just trying to get me to wake up. I opened our bedroom door and saw the staircase decorated with small cards. I leaned over the bannister, saw him at the bottom of the stairs, and screamed! It was 8am and I was in pajamas, but tried to stay in the moment, because I knew immediately what was happening!”

“As I walked down the stairs, the cards were written with all the reasons he loves me… When I got to the bottom, he proposed! (Nick will tell you how nervous he was, and though neither of us fully remember it, he had a great little speech planned!) We called our family and friends – most all of whom already knew this was happening, despite my complete surprise. Then, our families came to our house in Walnut Creek – Nick had arranged in advance for them to come and celebrate over lunch. It was such a great day!”

Oh how we love an adorably unique engagement story…

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EBR: Can you tell some of our readers the main reason you hired Events by Rebecca to coordinate your wedding?

Molly + Nick: “A wedding is a huge undertaking! We knew we needed some guidance and direction to keep us on track – not only with all the elements of a wedding, but also with our super busy schedules. The Events by Rebecca team has kept us on track through all the ups and downs, including an especially wild bump in the road – our first venue canceling on us when they chose to no longer host weddings?! Rebecca is well-connected within the wedding world in and around Sacramento. She got us in touch with great vendors and cultivated relationship and negotiated contracts with businesses and people close to our hearts, but that were new to her. We’re so excited to see it all come together soon!”  

And we’re so excited too, let’s turn this engagement into a marriage!

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After 10 years of being together Molly + Nick cannot wait to call each other husband and wife and ride off together into the sunset!

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{Hair + Makeup: MM Beauty}

{Coordination: Events by Rebecca}

{Article Written With Love By Events By Rebecca Intern: Monica Nelson}


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