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Newly Engaged: Kellie + Jack

We have the absolute pleasure of introducing to you our newly engaged couple, Kellie + Jack! We cannot WAIT for their wedding this coming summer at The Chateau at Incline Village up in Lake Tahoe. Seriously, if you haven’t visited anywhere in Tahoe for any reason {not just ‘cus you’re engaged} you are not living! Okay, that’s dramatic but it’s quite accurate in our humble opinion. I mean… COME ON, look at these photos! Shout out to the brilliantly talented Kristine Herman Photography, you’re a creative genius.

Engaged couple on mountain overlooking Lake Tahoe
Engaged couple on pier at Lake Tahoe

So fun story, I actually met Kellie back in I want to say 2009? We both went to SDSU and met in our marketing classes. (GO AZTECS!) We also lived together for about a year in San Francisco around 2012, I think? Man time flies. So to say we are invested in this love story is a huge understatement. We love Kellie, and now we LOVE Jack. You both are so deserving of this future you’re building together and we are honored to be part of it.

Engaged couple laughing on beach at Lake Tahoe

Being engaged is a BIG deal, full of celebration and love. But what we think is even more worth celebrating is the story that got our couples to the point of engagement. How did they get here? Kellie + Jack’s story is one with an incredible amount of overlap and connections leading up to this moment. We had Kellie break it down for us, try to keep up:

  1. Jack’s dad was a firefighter

  2. Jack’s mom was a teacher

  3. Kellie’s dad was a firefighter

  4. Jack is a firefighter

  5. Kellie is a teacher

  6. Jack AND Kellie’s grandfathers were San Francisco police officers together! They knew each other!

  7. Kellie’s dad went to grammar school with Jack’s uncle

  8. Jack’s mom went to high school with Kellie’s aunt

Crazy cool right?? Kellie went on to tell us the most special place to Jack is Donner Lake {Lake Tahoe area for those of you who aren’t local}. His family has a cabin right on the lake {that’s why they chose to do the engagement photos there}. AND Kellie’s most special place is Tahoe, which is why they’re getting married there! The whole occasion will hold so much sentimental value and we ARE HERE FOR IT!!

The photo below is an absolute favorite of ours from their shoot for so many reasons. It’s obviously adorable but Kellie also shared, “I love this quick photo we took before heading down to the water. It’s the deck at Jack’s family cabin and is the most meaningful place in the world to him.” AH! Well done getting this shot, Kristine, well done!

engaged couple on back porch of family cabin in Lake tahoe

We adore these two and hope their story inspires you to add real meaning to your engagement photos. Being engaged is such a fleeting time in your lives! Taking a moment to really focus on what reminds you of your love story, your childhood, your relationship and families will go a long way. Getting photos back that were taken at a place that holds a special place in your hearts will  be more worth it than  you may realize. Engagement photos are an opportunity to get pictures of the two of you in your element and capture what makes your relationship special. The really are the BEST when done so thoughtfully!

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Ok just ooooone more photo to share before we end it…

engaged couple in woods of Lake Tahoe


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