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Introducing: Robyn + Matt

We are swooning over how beautifully Christy Cassano Photography captures the start of Robyn + Matt’s forever, so much so that we just have to share these photos and their love story with you all! The only thing more beautiful than these photos is their love for each other. The couples’ natural beauty and love are portrayed so perfectly amongst the scenic views and moody skies. 

EBR: So first and foremost, start us from the beginning. How did you two meet?

Robyn + Matt:

“I moved to Portland, OR on April 1st 2014. I was using Tinder as a way to have people show me around the city since I did not know anyone. It was by chance that I met Matthews’s co-worker and hung out with a couple of times and realized there was nothing there. My friend told me to keep hanging out with him because “you never know, he could have a friend”

“I was invited to a bbq with Matthew’s co-worker and it was Matthew who happened to be hosting. The moment I walked into the backyard I saw Matthew playing with a three year old kid, and I kid you not, at that moment my ovaries exploded and I said that man will be mine.”

“Being the overly competitive man that Matthew is, he challenged me to a game of wit, logic, precision, and agility… Beersbee (involving a beer bottle being knocked off a PVC pipe with a Frisbee… riveting  I know). I, being raised just as competitive if not more, accepted the challenge and I actually beat him. From that point on we became inseparable. We are also still just as competitive in everything that we do ☺ “

EBR: And of course we have to hear the proposal story!

Matt:  “I think when I decided I was ready to ask her, we were planning a vacation to Europe for a friends wedding. We already knew the places we were going and the only place we were going to be by ourselves was in Paris, France (just my luck). I designed the ring and got the approval from her mother, father, and siblings.”

“Before the trip I had searched online for places with views of the Eiffel Tower and not super touristy because I don’t do big crowds well. On the night I knew I was going to pop the question, we went to the Sacré-Cœur. When we got there, there were a lot of people and I was not comfortable and she could see I was clearly agitated so she suggested getting a drink across the road at an Irish Pub.”

“After that we went and sat on the steps and she suggested that we go get dinner and we could come back up when it gets dark. So we walked down quite a few stairs and on our way we passed this cobblestone street and the lighting was perfect. I took several photos of Robyn and then took photos of both of us because I had a clicker to the camera that was on a tripod. I pulled the ring from my camera case, I had prepared speech and I only remembered the last sentence, she started crying and I was waiting for an answer.”

“After what seemed like ages, I was just looking at her but she was just so overwhelmed and happy that it did not come out right away but she said YES and when I went to put the ring on her finger, her hands were swollen from all the traveling and wouldn’t go on and she just started busting out laughing and I was basically panicking. It turns out that the clicker wasn’t working so we didn’t get any pictures, it was not where I wanted to originally purpose, and the ring didn’t fit… she still likes to remind me that it worked out in the end because she did say yes after all!”

EBR: Matt what is the one thing you are looking forward to MOST about being married to your bride? And Robyn, to your groom?

Matt: “I am most excited about growing as a couple. We both had lives before one another and now we get to do life as a team. I’m excited for our future; accomplishing goals and having firsts. I’m excited for kids, whenever they come along, and learning how to have the best partnership in raising children. I asked not to always be the bad cop.”

Robyn: “BRB…crying. Can I say ditto, because ditto.”

EBR: Can you tell some of our readers the main reason you hired Events by Rebecca to coordinate your wedding? Do you have any advice to other newly-engaged couples on this matter?

Robyn: “I am in the wedding industry as well so I know how important it is to have a coordinator. Rebecca was on the top of the list of vendors I wanted to book early on. I went to high school with her and I have seen through social media how she has grown the company and I knew we would work perfectly together and she would see my vision through. Definitely get a coordinator so you don’t have to worry about all of the details on the wedding day. It is great to have someone else (not in your family or bridal party) take the reins on the day so you can just relax and get ready to marry the love of your life!”

We couldn’t agree more! We are so excited to turn Robyn + Matt’s engagement into a marriage.

Robyn + Matt’s love for each other is so evident in these photos. We cannot wait for them to become husband + wife!

{Article Written With Love By Events By Rebecca Blogger: Monica Nelson}


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